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Gift Ideas For Travelers

Universal Phone Tether

Most people take their cellphones with them everywhere. Photos to snap & directions to find... it might be the single most important accessory for travelers. No one has time for it to be lost or stolen.

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62" Phone Tripod

Everyone should have one of these! Want to snap some photos with everyone at the Christmas party? or get an epic shot on vacation where your entire fam is in the photo? This is the perfect solution!

Apple Air Tags

If you do happen to misplace your belongings, at least you will have a chance to recover them with an Apple Air Tag! For air travel, check with your airline for rules/guidelines.

Wired Headphones or Earbuds

On long flights, earbuds really start bothering me after a few hours. I determined that I, and my kids, much preferred the over ear style for longer flights but I think it is great to have both.

We have used this type of charger for over a year & have no complaints. It is currently compatible with iPhones 12-15 & a great option if you can't connect your phone to a wall plug. TSA-approved.

Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger

Whether they are closed fingertip gloves or the kind that fold over, who can live without these?! There are lots of choices for every type of person, including utilitarian type gloves and more fashionable ones!

Touchscreen friendly gloves

RFID Blocking Passport Holder

I have been looking for an RFID passport cover to go along with my travel pouch. It has safety in mind with RFID blocking PU leather material & 16 colors to choose from. There are plenty of organizational slots while lightweight & compact!

Travel Pillow

My kids won’t get on airplane without their favorite pillows and both of them are so different! There are lots of great brands and styles out there so take a look and see which fits your gift recipient the best. This is one gift they'll love!

If you want your gift to be the talk of the season, Resort Pass is all you need! It is perfect for the person who is looking for a luxurious daycation, staycation, or the cherry on top of an amazing vacation.

Resort Pass

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