Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers For Travelers

Need some quick gift ideas for the travel lovers in your life?!

Traveler Lovers who aren’t traveling, wish they were traveling! It’s that simple and that makes gift-giving even easier. If you are or have someone in your life who you need to find a gift for, here are a few great ideas to get you started!

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Everyone should have one of these! Want to snap some photos with everyone at Christmas dinner? or get an epic shot on vacation where your entire fam is in the photo and no one is around to help? This is the perfect solution!

I have had one of these for years and it has helped capture the best memories. We also bought some as gifts this year!

They have large, full-size ones, and short desktop style ones to fit a multitude of needs.

Most people take their cellphones with them everywhere. With photos to snap and directions to find, it might be the single most important accessory for travelers. 

No one has time for it to get stolen, lost, or dropped in a place that you can’t get it back. I was originally looking at a few ideas to secure my cellphone for a trip to Europe over 5 years ago. I didn’t want my phone to get stolen and when I came across this, I knew it was the perfect fit. 

Not only does it deter nefarious pickpockets, it also helps if you are a serial phone dropper like me!

You may want to add some extra tabs that fit behind the cellphone. Depending on your wear and tear rate, you will find how long you can wait before needing to replace it.

If you (or a 3rd party) do happen to misplace your belongings, at least you will have a chance to recover them with an Apple Air Tag! If using for air travel, check with your airline beforehand to ensure you are following their rules/guidelines.

On long flights, earbuds really start bothering me after a few hours. I determined that I, and my kids, much preferred the over ear style for longer flights but I think it is great to have both available! Our favorite brands are JBL, Philips, Skull Candy and Beats.

Kyle has used this particular charger for over a year now and has no complaints. It is currently compatible with iPhones 12-15 and a great option if you are unable to leave your phone connected to a wall plug. It is TSA-approved for carry-on.

A leather toiletry bag is a must. It is made of top grain leather that protects your items while traveling with a waterproof interior. It is compact so that it will take up little space in your travel bag but you can fit all of the essentials in it. This particular brand, Rustic Town, works with a number of organizations that work to keep traditional skills alive and brings employment to the artisans in India.

Whether they are closed fingertip gloves or the kind that fold over, who can live without these?! There are lots of utilitarian type gloves and more fashionable ones to choose from!

Our favorite brands are North Face, Brooks, Carhartt and Isotoner.

There are so many great gift ideas at Pura Vida Bracelets. Engravable jewelry, gifts for men and women, bulk bracelet packs to share, and more!

Right now, they are having a sitewide 30% off sale! Discount codes are not valid during this sale, but when it is over you can use code LEEANNEHABLE20 at checkout for 20% off!!

Mermaid Straw makes everything so cheerful! Our whole family loves to use the utensils and straws! Now, it is easy to take it to go! The telescoping straw with cleaner and travel case is a great gift idea for mermaid-lovers, marine conservationists and anybody who loves a little extra color in their day! Down to the packaging, Mermaid Straw walks the eco-friendly walk with zero plastic.

Take 20% off your purchase every time with code THEHABLEWAY at checkout!! 

The best journeys are most certainly worth remembering! That is why I started The Hable Way! It is important to jot down ideas and thoughts when they are fresh in your mind so that you can remember and write about them later. That is where a travel journal comes in. It would be great if we could all remember every little detail or funny story about our adventures but a travel journal will help ensure that you won’t forget. A page a day won’t take up too much time either! It is a simple way to take notes, record highlights and a brief explanation of the days adventures!

I have been looking for an RFID passport cover to go along with my travel pouch. It has safety in mind with RFID blocking and 16 different colors to choose from. They are made from high quality PU leather, that includes RFID blocking material inside. There are plenty of organizational slots and still lightweight and compact!

My kids won’t get on airplane without their favorite pillows and both of them are so different! There are lots of great brands and styles out there so take a look and see which fits your gift recipient the best.

These personalized luggage tags are gorgeous! There are so many different designs to choose from and the process to personalize is so easy. They are handmade of high quality stainless steel in the United States! The personalization is included in the price and engraved for permanent design.


If you want your gift to be the talk of the season, Resort Pass is all you need! It is perfect for the person who is looking for a luxurious daycation, staycation, or the cherry on top of an amazing vacation.

Choose your preferred amenities such as deluxe pools, private beaches, relaxing spas, and more. There are over 1,000 hotels and resorts to choose from in the US, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America with varying amenities.

Click the banner or the Resort Pass Experience Header to learn more!


Thank you so much for checking out our list of last minute gifts for travel lovers! We hope you are enjoying your holiday season and have a happy and wonderful 2024.

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