Eco Friendly Summer Gift Guide – Sustainability and Style For Everyone

Summer babies, raise your hand! My whole family has birthdays, special anniversaries, and other gift-worthy events all Summer long. I am completely devoted to Summer and have committed to choosing eco-friendly products everywhere I can. I have been working to be more conscious of not only the products I buy but those that I gift to others! Join me as I share some of my favorite gift ideas and how each company is committed to doing their part for a healthier, better planet. Check out these 2 great eco-friendly gift ideas!


Mermaid Straw Product Review – Eco-friendly, Stylish, and Sustainable!

“Plastic Sucks. It’s time to make the switch in style.” * I am a Mermaid Straw Ambassador. All opinions of this product are my own. I may earn a commission if you click through and purchase items from their website using my link or code. Thanks for your support! As an outdoor enthusiast, I find peace and clarity in nature. It frees my mind of clutter and helps me to refocus my goals. I have been exploring ways to reduce my footprint and challenge myself to continually seek out new ways