10 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Prague, Czech Republic

With just a few weeks notice, I did it. I booked our plane tickets to Prague and actually lost sleep over it. It was the farthest we have ever traveled from home and the most expensive plane tickets we’ve ever purchased. I had SO many excuses and so many reasons to say no but I am SO thankful that we went! We have been on work trips with Kyle before and I’m never quite sure how much time we will get to spend with him. He typically has an itinerary laid out but things pop up, meetings run long and last-minute dinners are to be expected. So all I thought was “a foreign country with 2 kids alone? Yikes!” We added 4 days to our trip ahead of the time that he needed to be there so we could spend time exploring with him! That helps me gain confidence in the area enough that I can manage the kids on my own for the rest of the trip. It is also nice for Kyle to be able to explore the cities he works in, instead of just sitting in an office or conference room the entire time.

While I could write a book about our 10-day trip, I decided that a list of highlights would work well for a destination like this. Of course, everything on the list is kid-friendly and many of them I did solo with the kids! Be sure to check out all of our photos #praguethehableway2019!

These are 10 great places to visit in Prague, Czech Republic:

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Prague Castle

When you research things to do in Prague, the Castle will be at the top of the list. It deserves that number 1 spot! It is the most beautiful & historically significant monument in Czechia. The sheer beauty and magnificence of this landmark brought me to tears on more than one occasion. It is one of the largest castle complexes in the world at 45 Hectares or approximately 111 acres. We entered St. Vitus Cathedral first. Immediately, we both felt awestruck by the architectural detail and the powerful imagery in the sculptures and statues. The gardens and other buildings on the grounds are truly a sight to marvel as well. You could spend an entire day walking around the complex and adjacent gardens so be sure to set aside at least a few hours for this!

Easter Market in Old Town Square

Our arrival in Prague happened to coincide with the annual Easter Markets in the city. The largest of the markets are at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The crisp air and smell of hardwood smoke was familiar and inviting. There were beautiful displays of hand-painted eggs, wooden art and other unique Czech specialties. You could choose from a variety of vendors serving delicious food and drinks while listening to the daily entertainment. One drink you must try is the svařené víno or hot wine. This is a delicious mulled spice wine perfect for the cooler weather! Another must-have is “Trdelnik”. It is a thick, rolled pastry filled with ice cream or other sweets. Though you can get Trdelnik anytime, there were quite a few extra vendors scattered throughout the square over Easter. Not only is it delicious, many vendors have the dough rolling machines outside for you to see the the whole process! The Easter market brings a bright, festive feel to Old Town Square.

Bonus: We bumped into Scott Foley and his family there! They were residents of Prague during “Whiskey Cavalier” filming!

Zoo Praha

Before arriving in Prague, I searched for kid-friendly things to do. The Prague Zoological Garden, also called Zoo Praha was at the top of the list! This zoo was rated the 5th best zoo in the world by Trip Advisor. It is in Prague 7, a bit further out of the city than the other destinations on my list but well worth the trip. Though they have plenty of amazing sections at the zoo, one of my favorites was the Indonesian Jungle. To create something this elaborate must have taken a long time!

I am sure to do my research before visiting any zoo. The Prague Zoological Garden is credited with helping save the Mongolian Wild Horse from extinction. They also house over 130 threatened species. I felt confident that they were providing a thriving atmosphere for these animals while educating the public.

There is a magnificent playground area for the kids to play near the southern entrance of the zoo. This is the perfect place to sit down and have a snack while the kids run off a little more energy! 

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is an incredible pedestrian bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague. Up until 1841, it was the most vital connection between Prague Castle and Old Town. It was built as a replacement to the Judith Bridge that was destroyed in a flood in 1342. The Charles Bridge has also seen its fair share of damage. It has gone through quite a bit of restoration over the years and more repairs were in progress when we were there in April 2019. They appear to be doing it slowly, not to take away from the experience of being on the bridge. There are quite a few vendors scattered across, selling artwork and trinkets. There are musicians and other performers too! Interestingly, the 30 baroque style statues of Saints and Patron Saints lining the bridge are replicas! The real statues are now in the Lapidarium of the National Museum in Prague.

 This bridge is a quintessential attraction to visit in Prague. It has beautiful views in all directions, definitely worth a visit!

Astronomical Clock

Located inside of Old Town Square is the mystical Astronomical Clock. It was first installed in 1410. It is the 3rd-oldest astronomical clock in the world, and the only one still in working order! It is located in Old Town Square on the wall of Old Town Hall. At the top of every hour, everyone crowds the clock. I have to admit, the first few times I stood there looking at it, I didn’t realize what exactly it was doing. Everyone marveled at it… I thought just because of its size and beauty. It turns out there are many moving parts to this amazing clock and it took watching it about 5 times before I figured it out, ha! The motions that the clock goes through each hour is elaborate and amazing to see. Sit outside at Oliva Verde, a restaurant right at the base of the clock. Grab some of their delicious pizza and a beverage. The boys and I ate lunch there every day that Kyle was working! You can watch the clock right from your seat if you sit on the outer section.

The Gallery of Steel Figures

One of the days that Kyle was working, I felt brave enough to traverse the city with the boys. I may or may not have had a latte and wine at the same time before lunch but I did manage to succeed at navigating public transportation without getting lost! One of the places we happened upon was the Gallery of Steel Figures. The first time we passed by, I simply took a photo of Asher in front of one of the figures outside of the door. When sharing the photo with Kyle later in the day, we were so intrigued that we had to go back. We went in this time and it was well worth it.  This place is full of incredible works of art… including real cars that you can actually sit in! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. 

Vyšehrad Castle Fortress

I wish I had discovered this gem before the last night of our trip. We didn’t have much time to visit and only saw about 10% of the grounds. It has a beautiful panoramic view of the river and the city. It is home to many significant architectural wonders including the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul and the Rotunda of St Martin, which is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Prague. I am thoroughly looking forward to revisiting this part of Prague!

River Walk (Prague 2)

The River Walk in Prague 2 is great for runners, bicyclists and anyone looking for a relaxing stroll along the river. It begins near the Vyšehrad railway bridge and goes to the Manes Gallery. There is a cafe attached to the gallery that has delicious coffee, macarons and ice cream. We stopped there every day! The river walk has plenty of boat bars to stop and get a beverage. This is a gorgeous place for sunset.

Letna Beer Garden

If you want to feel like a local, head North across the river to the Letna Beer Garden! It has a beautiful view of the city. The relaxed vibe and local language will make you feel right at home here. This is where we learned “gas or no gas” meant still or sparkling water. The Beer Garden is right next to a large open grassy area for the kids to play. It has a path with benches the whole way around it. There was plenty of space for everyone. It is an easy, relaxing place to enjoy the beauty that Prague has to offer.

Národní Technické Muzeum

Just down the road from the Letna Beer Garden is the Národní Technické Muzeum. Kyle and I love cars! The beginning of our relationship basically started in a garage. Anytime we see a transportation museum, car show, or anything of the sort, we are drawn to visit!! Of course, our kids followed suit and appreciate a cool looking ride when they see one. When fun transportation methods intersect history, it becomes a great learning experience for everyone. This place is filled with it all!

Prague is an incredible city to explore. One of the best things about it is that it won’t break the bank. It was surprisingly affordable and that always helps with kids in tow! Don’t let people tell you that you are better off leaving your kids at home for this one. We found so many great places that our boys were welcome to enjoy with us! It is hard to walk this city without stumbling upon some amazing architecture and history. Be sure to check out my list of 5 ways to look more like a local in a foreign country here!

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  1. Prague looks magical, thank you for sharing your family trip with us! I run one business on family and parenting and another on travel and online business growth so your blog post basically split the difference hahaha!

    I can’t wait to make a trip over to Prague myself, your photos have definitely inspired me to get some bookings done in the coming months 🙂

  2. The gallery of steel museum looks awesome for kids they can sit on dinosaurs and in cars. Prague looks like a great place to visit. I’ll have to add it to my bucket list

  3. Love your post! Prague is a beautiful city with lots of history. As a European unfortunately didn’t have a chance to visit yet.
    Great post and thanks for introducing Prague in a very informative way with amazing photos.

  4. Great post. The daughter of family friends spent several weeks in Prague on a missionary trip. Our friends joined up with her for over a week of sightseeing. Wish I had had this to share with them before their trip. Will share; who knows they might return.

    1. Such a wonderful place! To think we only brushed the surface makes me want to return someday as well 🙂 Thanks for the nice words!

  5. Amazing post! Thank you for sharing, it is now officially on my favorite list of places to go! Beautiful pictures too.

  6. I lived in Prague for a month while taking a TEFL course. I loved it. I’ve been to most of the places you have on your list – which is an awesome list! But I never made it to the zoo. It looks like a really great zoo too. Next time.

    1. So cool that you lived there for a month! That sounds like a great way to get to know a new place quickly! 🙂
      ALSO cool that your name is Leeanne!!

    1. Me either! That’s one nice part about my husbands work travels… It takes us to places that I wouldn’t even think of!

  7. Prague has always been on my bucket list, and after reading this and seeing those incredible pictures I want to go even more now. Score you also got to meet Scott Foley. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I cannot believe that the Astronomical Clock installed in 1410 is still working!! My goodness, talk about a feat of science. That castle is absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to wander its grounds someday!

  9. Looks like the perfect mix of classical architecture with a bit of modernity. Great pics! Everything you listed looks like something I’d visit. Thanks for the info!

  10. Man, I love old European cities! It reminds me of how young our nation is and how much transpired before the US was formed. Amazing!

    By the way, I have to laugh…..as I was reading your post, my multi-tasking brain was also scanning your pictures and I thought, “wow! Her husband looks so much like Scott Foley!” Ha ha!

  11. Good for you taking your little guys traveling internationally! I am hesitant to do it alone, much less take my kiddos, but I know it would be sooo great for them.

  12. Prague is so high on my list, and this just affirms my plans to go next year! If I can swing 3 trips, otherwise it will be a year and half from now. Thanks for that 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness… I think we must have been there at the same time! My husband and I were there during the Easter holidays this year, but we didn’t run into any celebrities. No fair! That said we did see film crews and trucks and set stuff, so it had to have been very close to when you guys were there. How cool. I agree with you, even though we didn’t go with kids, many of your top items were ours as well.

  14. How beautiful. Easter markets? I have heard of the Christmas markets, but not Easter. This is a great list. I look forward to visiting here someday.

  15. I’d love to visit, after reading your post and seeing your photos! I think it’s wonderful that you decided to go! What memories you made.

  16. We have had a few people recently mention Prague as a great place to travel with kids. The Prague Castle sounds huge. How long did you find the kids were willing to explore it before they got bored or tired of looking around? The Easter market sounds fun, and sounds like something my daughter would absolutely love. The playground at the zoo looks like loads of fun for kids. The Národní Technické Muzeum looks like a great way to spend a rainy day with kids

    1. For the Castle, they have different types of tickets depending on what you want to see. We picked a smaller loop that focused on the Cathedral and a few other areas. You could really spend as much or as little time as you want. I have a short attention span myself so I never like to commit to anything too long. 🙂 If I remember correctly, the tickets were good for 2 days!

  17. That looks like a magical place! I love to visit places full of history and historical architecture. It all looks beautiful and fun for the kids, too!

  18. Such a beautiful city, and you take stunning photos! What type of job does your husband have that allows him to travel for work like that?

    Taking your kids around the wold in their youth will make for some well rounded and cultural young adults. Go you!

    1. Thanks Heather! I sure hope it will mold them into thoughtful, happy adults! My husband does IIOT, hardware and software automation stuff. Usually it’s an office job but he does get fun opportunities to travel sometimes!!

  19. Oooohhhh! This makes me even more excited to start traveling more! I don’t have a family (yet), but I’ve noticed that for single travelers, sticking to family-friendly places is a lot safer than some alternatives. Thanks for these recommendations!

    1. That is a great way to look at places to go as a solo traveler! I like to focus on places that aren’t designed specifically for kids, but that have plenty of family-friendly things to do!

  20. Wow! Looks like a great trip! I’m glad you took the plunge and took the kids around on your own. It would be a little scary for me too!

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