3 Ways To Stay Off A Pickpockets Radar

It is so important when you are traveling to keep the “tourist-target” off your back, especially for international travel. First and foremost, being aware of your surroundings is the most important piece of advice that I have. However, there are plenty of ways to keep safe just by what you are wearing and holding. Here are my tried-and-true ways to skip being an easy target!

These are the top 3 Items that I believe keeps me off of a pickpockets’ radar. Click on any of the photos or text links to be directed to Amazon!

*I am an Affiliate of Amazon. I will receive compensation at no extra cost to you if you click through to purchase any items.

1.Β Cell Phone Tether

Most people take their cellphones with them everywhere. Photos to snap, directions to find… it might be the single most important accessory for 90% of travelers. I was afraid that someone might steal my phone. I looked at a few different ideas and came across this wrist strap. I was so happy with how this worked that I have been using it for years. Not only does it keep people from taking your phone out of your hand, but it also helps if you are a serial phone dropper like myself!

2. Neck Wallet/Travel Pouch

I admit this one has tourist written all over it. I didn’t use it around my neck as advertised, I kept it hidden and simply used it as a low profile wallet that could be very incognito when it needed to be. Guys, if you have a regular wallet, make sure you put it in your front pocket. All it takes is the outline of a thick wallet in your back pocket for you to become a target.


3.Β Leather Purse Backpack

Fashion and function! I knew that a backpack would be the best choice here, very hard for a nefarious person to grab a hold of. What I like the most about this backpack is the zipper on the very top. There are no other ways into the main area of the bag. So if a pickpocket were to try to get in there, they would basically be tickling my neck. It also has front zippers that are for skinny pockets. I found this space good for maps, tickets or anything else low profile. There were two open pockets on either side which worked well for holding water bottles!

A final note on the most valuable resource of all, common sense.

Do your research ahead of time. Figure out your choices for public transportation and local food spots. Check the weather to make sure you are dressing appropriately. You could even learn some language basics! Keep in mind that it is a vast, beautiful world out there with so many different cultures. Respect is of the utmost importance. Also, being aware of your surroundings is key to being safe while having the best time of your life! 

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