Fascinating Family Day Trips Around SF Bay Area, CA

2021 is the first year that The Hable Way has lived in California! Having only been here for a few months, we already checked off a lot of exciting boxes on our bucket list of adventures. We decided to put together a quick, easy Bay Area roadmap for you to use if you are ever in San Francisco!

Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay is what dreams are made of! The mountains and the sea battle for the glory, but everyone wins here. There is absolutely something for everyone and it has quickly become one of our favorite destinations. On a last minute whim, we checked to see if there were any reservations available for Easter weekend. Luckily, we found a place that was both dog-friendly, and available for a stay from Sunday to Wednesday. During off-season it worked, but I’m not sure how well it would pan out during the Summer.

Here are a few things I would suggest if you plan to take a day trip to Half Moon Bay!

Take a walk along the coast

There are plenty of opportunities to take a stroll along the coast. Either way up high on the towering cliffs overlooking the ocean, or down in the sand directly on the beach! Our favorite trails are Devils Slide Trail (Montara side parking), the California Coastal Trail, and the Wavecrest Trail. For more ideas and info head over to the Half Moon Bay Trail Guide!

Sit outside and have lunch with an ocean view

You can have it all in Half Moon Bay. Whatever you are craving for lunch is likely an option here, and you can enjoy it with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. There are breweries, seafood specialties, and global cuisines to choose from. Visit Half Moon Bay Eats to see if your favorite feast is available!

Go shopping on Main Street

Head down to Main Street for all the dining, shopping, and socializing you can pack into one day! The atmosphere is so welcoming while you stroll past the diverse styles of the shops, boutiques, and restaurants. This is also where the world-famous Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival is held! For a complete list of places to see, visit Half Moon Bay Main Street.

Muir Woods National Monument • Mill Valley, CA

If you are looking for those tall, beautiful redwoods that California brags about, Muir Woods is a great place to start! As a National Monument, it is under the Parks Service so that National Parks Pass will get you in, but you still need a reservation for parking. 

The trees here are around 400-800 years old and stand up to 250 feet. There are a few different trails you can take, up high among the trees, or down below along Redwood Creek. Some of the trails have a boardwalk and paved path to use. This is a great place to spend a few hours, resetting your soul to the tune of nature. 

After your redwood experience, you can head over to nearby Mill Valley or Sausalito for a waterfront lunch! Head to the Muir Woods National Monument page for more info or straight to GoMuirWoods.com for reservations!

Santa Cruz, California

All those super chill beach vibes that California is known for, can be found in Santa Cruz. It is such a fun place to walk around. With plenty of options for lunch, shopping and fun at the boardwalk, you can spend tons of time here without getting bored! 

Here are the things I would suggest you do with a day in Santa Cruz!

Spend a few hours at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Rediscover your inner child at the Beach Boardwalk! Who could say no to a seaside amusement park brimming with nostalgia? In the Summer, they feature movies on the beach and live bands on Friday nights! Check out more about the Beach Boardwalk here

Head to the beach!

Santa Cruz County has 29 miles of coastline to enjoy! If you are looking for a great spot to swim and play, or to relax and take in the dramatic views that are common on the California coast, there is a beach for you in Santa Cruz! There are plenty of pet-friendly options too! Pick your perfect beach in Santa Cruz here.

Talk a walk down the Santa Cruz Wharf

Did you know the wharf extends a 1/2 mile into Monterey Bay? At 2,745 feet, it is the longest wooden pier in the United States. If you prefer not to walk from the street, you can drive your car onto the pier and park. There are plenty of options for lunch and shopping right on the pier. Don’t forget to walk the whole way to the end to see the famous barking sea lions! Learn more about fun things to do at the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Mount Diablo State Park • Walnut Creek, CA

At 3,849 feet, Mount Diablo is a dominant and isolated feature in the Bay Area landscape. If you are looking for a spectacular view, Mount Diablo is the place to go! Drive the whole way to the top but hold on tight! It gets thrilling quickly between the steep edges and sharing the twisty road with other cars and bicyclists!

There are plenty of fun things to do at Diablo. There are a number of trails to choose from, picnic areas, camping, and unique features like Rock City’s wind caves. If you drive the whole way to the top, there is a large parking lot where you can see panoramic views of the area and visit the Summit Visitor Center!  

After you are done hiking and checking out the scenery, you can drive down into Concord or Danville and get some lunch or ice cream. 

Check out the Mount Diablo State Park page for more info.    

East Bay Regional Parks • CA

Del Valle Regional Park • Livermore, CA

Del Valle is a mountain bikers heaven. Luckily, there is plenty of space for everyone else too! I was worried about sharing outdoor space when we got to California. We came from Central Virginia, where if we woke up early enough or visited “high traffic” areas during the week, we could still manage to spend most of our adventures uninterrupted. Were we spoiled? Yes! It turns out that you can do that in CA too, given the sheer amount of useable outdoor space. You just have to time it correctly! 

We have only spent time hiking at Del Valle. You can camp, boat, and fish there as well. Depending on a few factors, there is also swimming and kayaking during certain times of year. When you are done with your outdoor activities, head to one of Livermore’s numerous wineries for top rated wines from California!  

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park • San Ramon, CA

Las Trampas was a fun surprise! So much so that we went back twice inside of one week. There are quite a few trail options, each with its own unique features. This gem is easily accessible to all of the Bay Area and invites hikers, horse riders and pets to join in the fun. If you head to the very top, you will find an incredible view! As you inch up the steep Rocky Ridge View Trail, Mount Diablo will slowly begin to emerge from above the hills! If you prefer a slightly less calf burning workout, you can take the Bollinger Creek Loop Trail where you might run into a few friends. Check out the video below!

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